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Brandon Arrington
Osceola County Commission District 3


Brandon’s commitment to improve Osceola’s transportation has resulted in the allocation of over $2 billion to be invested over next four years. Brandon is leading the effort to widen Poinciana Parkway and extend it to Countyline Road and then on to I-4 and 429. He has directed the County to widen the last leg of Poinciana Boulevard, Neptune Road, Boggy Creek, Simpson, and Partin Settlement. Importantly, Brandon has worked with FDOT to develop a plan to fix the intersection of John Young and Pleasant Hill. Mass transit is also important to our community, so he’s worked to expand Lynx service around the county, fought to get Brightline extended to the airport, and explored ways to broaden Sunrail service to more Osceola neighborhoods.


Brandon believes we can build a better quality of life and job market county-wide through education. That is why he has led the effort to create the wildly successful Osceola Prosper. Starting in 2022, this program provides every Osceola high school graduate free college education. Each student has the opportunity to complete their Associate’s degree or a technical training program of their choice. Osceola has already begun to see the success of this program with our high schoolers’ local college enrollment rate rising dramatically. New industries are excited by the skilled labor this brings to Osceola.


Brandon has kept public safety as his Priority #1. This year alone Osceola County broke ground on several new fire stations, and we are set to add over 20 new public safety personnel. Brandon continues to support our Sheriff and his budget, which will provide deputies with a 10% salary increase this year. Brandon has insisted that the County continue to provide the school district with funding for School Resource Officers, because we must vigilantly focus on keeping our kids safe.


Brandon believes the best way to attract higher-paying jobs is to invest in education and infrastructure. One of those investments is NEOCITY, which allows Osceola to play an important part in the Biden Administration’s effort to fix the chip shortage in America. This investment has already benefited the county through the award of a federal Build Back Better grant. We are the only community in the state of Florida to receive the award. This grant of over $60 million will be used to invest back into job creation in our community. In addition, under Brandon’s leadership Osceola is working to be classified a Tech Hub by the U.S. government, which will provide even more opportunities to create high-paying jobs for our residents.


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